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Ingrid Jensen Interview

An Interview With Ingrid Jensen Part 2

25 May 2016

Here is the second part of our interview with Ingrid Jensen ahead of her Orpheus Project tour in May/June 2016.

What’s the central focus of your teaching?

My central focus when teaching is to get to the core of the personality that lies within each person I work with. To help align things, be they musical, physical, mental. The end result is to free things up and bring him or her out even more than before.

Did you ever have any other career paths in mind?

Not that I know of. I tried to waitress for a bit, that didn’t go well. I’m terrible at math and very klutzy at times.

What other things do you enjoy doing outside of music?

Outside of music I love to hang with my daughter, swim, skate, climb, read, watch the
occasional movie, garden and cook and eat the food from our amazing garden.

What was the worst/weirdest gig you’ve ever done?
I tend to forget my bad gigs. They tend to get blown away in my memory by all of the positive and beautiful ones that are much more plentiful and happily imprinted in much bolder print in my mind than the bad ones. YAY music. Weirdest gig was on a train in the Austrian Alps. The drums were flying everywhere and I could not play anything worthwhile for worry that I was going to fall on my horn. As Dr.Suess says, Oh the places you will go!

— Ingrid Jensen