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LondonJazz Feature: Kim Macari & Ingrid Jensen

17 March 2016

To mark International Women’s Day 2016, Kim Macari wrote a feature on The Orpheus Project, Ingrid Jensen and her work for London Jazz News. You can find the entire article, as well as the wealth of other #IWD2016 articles published on LondonJazzNews.

The idea behind the Orpheus Project is that we create an infrastructure for touring live jazz in the North of England and then work with partner organisations across the UK to ensure maximum benefit for the whole scene. It can be very difficult for musicians to set up international performing opportunities and it can also be difficult for single clubs to take on international acts because of the costs involved. In this project promoters get together and vote on artists they’d like to see play in the UK and then we can provide artists with a 5-7 date tour over 10-14 day period. Musicians widen their networks and make contacts they can use later; promoters get to programme adventurously.

…It’s a particular joy that the first artist to be featured is Ingrid Jensen. I first saw Ingrid play when I was 14 years old. She performed and recorded with Tommy Smith and SNJO playing Miles Ahead. Since then, she’s been a huge inspiration to me as a musician. Her work as a soloist with Maria Schneider and Darcy James Argue helped me to define the type of player I wanted to be during the final year of my degree. In 2013, I was able to study with her in New York and since then I’ve been pleased to call her a friend. She is an extraordinary woman and I cannot wait to have her here, performing in small intimate venues and working with great musicians…

To book tickets for any of Ingrid’s performances, visit our tickets page for full details.